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Looking at all the recent threads in this category, I can't but feel amused. No offence meant to anyone but should'nt we all beware of information saturation, I would say super-saturation here because we are getting a surfeit of opinions (often repetetive) on just a handful of options. It is very obvious to even the blind that everyone is holding his broker's flag aloft. And why not? Perfectly logical I would say.

My personal opinion on the subject of choice of broker to yet-to-start traders/investors is I realise one thing, no one broker has all the virtues of an efficient angel. Neither would one broker have all the vices of an inefficient devil. There is a little of both in every on-line trading broker as is very evident from the numerous posts in this category. So.... choose one based on your own judgement & take the plunge. The key is TAKE THE PLUNGE if you want to get started. Every on-line broker (not dozens of them around anyway) will give you their brokerage & other details either on their web sites or when contacted. Some can be bargained with & some may give you the "stiff upper lip once-over" when you meet them on account of their strong credentials viz. the banks. So just get started & start trading/investing (making money). As has been said "Procrastination is the thief of time".And, Time is money as we all know very well.

I'm not mentioning my on-line broker here. Those who know from my previous posts know and those who don't know don't. Let's keep it that way. Makes no difference to any of you anyway. Happy Trading to all of you. :)
Hi at last I see someone with the right type of opinion in this form for the first time after reading the entire thread I have seen that all the opinions are only revolving around with out a solution some one is jumping out and some one is jumpin in but the boat is the same one the online broker no matter who they are. I got stuck in this myselft also after changing brokers I come to realinze that the problem is unchanged it will always be there when we talk on online trades everything can't happen correctly everytime its bound to show some changes of correction and fault here and there.........I think am tired with this issue..........but to be true the race will go no-stop that's another truth..............hope all get solution fast...........No offence to anyone........good and profitable trading to all.....cheers........ :)
ICICI Direct is for only those people who doesn't have any other option.........and for people who value there hardearned money and can avail good online brokers they are already with sharekhan,Indiabulls,5 paisa,Motilal oswal and so on.......... :)
gold_ranjit said:
Hi Jaideep I am using a laptop with 128 MB ram and a AMD processor will ICICI DIRECT work on it due u have any idea....let me know
As far as your hardware goes, the simple answer is ...YES. Your net connection is the criteria to be more concerned about. A 256K-512K broadband connection is a must I'd say for their Direct-Link trading screen to work well. This is my experience & personal opinion, not any criteria or conditions stipulated by any vendor.
After goin through all the views and points of different ivestors I think all the brokers are same and offer same kind of services and one must not forget that these brokers are concerned with there brokerage and will give us promises beyond there capability so if you want to trade in Indian stock market online then patience and prayer is the key word and if you want to be a day trader then better go to your local broker in your area and sit with him on his terminal. You can talk to ur respective local brokers they too offer good facility. But it suite only full time traders and if you sit with them and trade i have observed your risk factor is very widley reduced because there you get more viewpoints than anywhere else u find. If you are interested in day trading they there is only one word i can say "you have to be a SATORIA AKA SATTABAAZ only then u can be a successful day trader.........beacuse am one of them..............I prefer sitting with the broker terminal when i have to do day trading and found my self at ease cause news and information you have better access when u at ur brokers terminal........................that's my veiwpoint.............all d best to all and have a good trading sessions.................byeeee :)

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