Chicken or Eagle?


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Are You Trading Like An Eagle Or A Chicken? - Mercedes van Essen

If you have problems making consistent trading profits you probably would like to know why. The following story, which is an excerpt from my upcoming course: "The Buddhist Traders' Advanced Strategies for Trading Success and Happiness" illustrates the issues many traders have with consistency and with becoming successful traders who make a comfortable living from their trading. This story is also true for people in general.

There once lived a farmer in a remote village. One day he got tired of the daily rut of tending the land and decided to explore the land beyond his valley. He decided to climb up a tall mountain.

On his climb to his amazement he came across a nest full of eagle eggs. He decided to take one of the eggs even though he realised that it was illegal to do so. When the farmer arrived back home he placed the eagle egg with the chickens he kept. The mother hen was proudly sitting on this enormous egg and sure enough some weeks later a fine, healthy egret emerged.

The other chickens had no problem with the stranger and raised the bird as one of their own. The eagle grew up with the other chickens and it learned to do all those things chickens do: It clucked and cackled and scratched the ground for worms. It would fly a few feet in the air before crashing down to earth in a pile of dust and feathers.

The eagle firmly believed that it was a chicken.

One day late in its life the eagle happened to look up at the sky. It noticed a majestic creature circling effortlessly high above. The creature was an eagle.

The eagle who thought it was a chicken asked the other chickens: "What's that? It is beautiful, it has so much power, so much grace."

"That's an eagle", replied one of the chickens. "It is the king of the birds. It's kingdom is the air. This is not for the likes of us. We are just chickens and creatures of the earth."

The chickens carried on going about their business scratching and picking the earth for worms... The eagle who thought he was a chicken continued living like a chicken until the end of its days, totally unaware of its true nature...

How many of you are trading from a sensation of lack and misunderstanding of your true innate abilities.

You see, the truth of every human being is this: You can be successful at whatever you choose to do. If trading is for you, know that you have it in you to be the best trader you can imagine to be.

All that is required is your waking up to your true nature. You are a fractal, holographic expression of the universe and just have not as yet realised how to fully access your powers to create the trader you wish to be.

For from being a silly, little tale this tale represents the essence of why we won't fulfill our potential as traders, as husbands, wives, etc. We do not believe in our power because we have not recognised it yet.

However, only because we have not yet noticed it doesn't mean that we don't possess it. Quantum physics explains to us how our reality works and how we create it. It shows us how powerful we really are.

The very first step is recognising the truth of your real nature and then in that full acknowledgement taking a few simple steps to create that consistently successful trader you already are.


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This story is an insult to chickens!
here is a trivia: chicken is the closest living relative to the great Tyrannosaurus-Rex.

now chickens have become part of moral stories :)

good story on trading though!
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Sirjee, appreciate your sense of humor, and quips. Only one request - Never put yourself down, even if joking. What we think, we become. So now start thinking like an Eagle... And trade like one!

m trading like owl, din mein aankhen band rehta hai, raat mein NSE band rehta hai :annoyed:
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