Chemical And Fertiliser Sector

I Think Chemical And Fertiliser Sector Of India Is One Of The Most Undertracked And Undervalued Sector .i Think Value Investors Of This Forum Should Take Appropiate Positions In This Sector.
My Picks:
Gujarat Alkali
Tata Chemicals
Nagarjuna Agrichem
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Hi Creameeee,
Thanks for the picks......didn't get a chance to look at all of them,just GSFCand Andhra Sugars.Andhra Sugars especially is looking great on the weekly charts......thanks for the heads up!!

Happy Trading
Good choices Creameeee. But I would strongly support Tata Chemicals among the others.

The company has openings, a company with good capital belonging to a good group, what else could you expect.

As far as charts are concerned, it is a slow and steady mover. Short term target could be 220-230, if it breaks the 189-190 barrier. I think it had a bull run today, it could be that it breaks its barrier.

And by the way Whats the intraday for tomorrow? Keep posting buddy:)
well tomrrows intraday will b decided once the market opens tomorrow.although tata chemicals is the most reliable of the lot but i beleive gsfc and guj alkalies may give higher % returns .i have to give a breaking news on guj alkali which has been completely ignored by media.the company has entered into an agreement with the central govt whereby it wud get a compensation of 40.80 crore for reducing production of carbon tetra chloride {ctc} for nonfeed stock.this transpires into 9/-per share of gujarat alkali.that is why the stockis spurting
Nice move in Andhra Sugars.......Way to go,Creameeee!!Now in the process of taking out the previous pivot high on the weekly and heading much higher.Great call!!

My Immediate Tgt Wud B 150.however With The Caveat That Market Overall Is Stable And There Is No Fall Off.however I See A Lot Of Long Term Value In The Stock

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