Cheers for McDowell

Seems like McDowell is going to Charge ahead from here. Critical resistance level (321) has been broken, should go up to 400 from here in couple of upper circuits since u/c has also been revised. Happy Earnings and Cheers. ;)
Dont you think its overvalued? its trading at earnings multiple of 50+. How do you speculate this one doing well? In fact if the bears get hold, something like this will lead you to their infamous whisky!
Since January, when the markets became bearish, when most of the scrips were going down - McDowell rose from 98 to 326 in four months. It came close to its crucial resistance level 265 in June, but did an upmove from there. Sometimes fundamentals come nowhere near when operators/ speculative investors take over. e.g. Venus Remedies.
i see your point! However since we are all small time investors do you think we should take risk at the level of operators/speculative investors? No offense meant, as im a beginner investor, im wondering how other newbie investors feel about such counters. However, thanks for the clarification.

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