Check your beliefs to improve your trading .


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Fantastic!! Saving this quote as well. Thanks.

More thoughts on beliefs -:

What you think why some trader earning huge money on daily basis ... why they are making great decisions , producing outstanding results , Is it because they have any magical system ?? .. Is it because they are more clever , Is it because they have superior resources ?? well ... A big No .. only because they have incredible belief system what makes them apart . That belief system gave them enough strength to fight on against every move of market .. against in every panic situation ....actually our beliefs determine what we expect from our selves ..... it means our belief define our expectations ...

suppose If any one believe that he/she can become multi millionaire by doing trading .... then that is what he/she will expect from themselves ..... because at the same time our beliefs drives our actions we take .... when we think something is possible ..we get out and try to achieve that ... but when we thought it can not be done ... we never take action ... we never try hard ... we never give our 100% ... because its already in our mind that it can not be done .. so we always take half hearted actions ... & in that situation we easily give up when we hit a little problem ....

We always think in this trading journal that no one can earn ... or very few can earn ...who are lucky ...or who having great wealth to control market ...or market is for big players only .... but it's not true .. ... but with these kind of beliefs we stop our selves to perform with our true potential ...

For more clarity the cycle goes like this -- beliefs ---- expectations -- action/effort--- potential----- results

So we have to work on our limited beliefs ... what are stopping us ..happy trading :):) ..and have a great & profitable day ahead .:clapping::clapping:

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