Cheapest Brokers in India ?

We do discuss lot about discount brokers and cheap brokerage but we never talk about the regular full service brokers.
So which regular/big brokers do you guys think is best in terms of service,reliabity and charges?


One should look for everything that affects our trading rather than looking only at the brokerage ! Sure, low brokerage matters, but it should not be the only criteria to choose a broker.
I recently opened an account with Compositedge of Bangalore, who is charging Rs.18 per trade and for those qualify after reaching certain amount brokerage offer at Rs.15 per trade. As the account is recently opened, I have not started trading yet. Their customer service is good. Immediate response over phone or email.
Hi All,
Please help me with below question.

All discount brokers like RKSV, SASOnline, Trade Smart Online, Achiivers Equity etc who are offering flat some Rs per trade or unlimited trading for some Rs per month.

Does above plans applicable only for intraday trading in equities or its applicable to delivery based trading ( short/long term investing).


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