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At the outset, let me say that I am no guru or an expert. I have been on a long, and at times painful journey changing from being a losing trader to earning consistently. (I will be posting a separate thread on my experience in time). What I have learned in this process is what I am sharing here. Mostly it requires us to change ourselves with regards to attitudes and beliefs, as well our approach to trading - Take from my experience and notes what you like, and leave the rest.

On the forum, we have so many threads on systems and AFL’s. Most traders are looking for a formula that will help them make money consistently, and move from using one system to another, and on and on, and it becomes an endless quest for search of the Holy Grail. Raj Bro mentioned in one of his post – ‘The holy grail is in the mind of the traders’ I totally agree. No matter how good a system is, it will work for one trader, but not for another. What is missing is working on our self.

Nothing changes, unless we change. A quantum shift is required in our thinking if we want to change from being a losing trader to being a successful trader. There is a famous quote that says ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results’

Why is it important to work on our self.? The reason is that we are programmed consciously or subconsciously right from the day we are born. We imbibe many negative beliefs thru our sensory experiences and influences which we accept unconditionally. Some of these beliefs help us go thru our lives without thinking, but many beliefs are harmful and hinder us. Basically our beliefs and attitudes about money, risk, success, failure, self-worth etc. are a core part of our being and influence us greatly to think and to act - They results in what we achieve or fail at, in life.

Understanding our self is the first step in our journey that we must take. The second is to evaluate our thinking and belief patterns, and see what works, and what needs to change. Finally, we have the long and at times, the uncomfortable process of reinventing our self.

The below is A PART of my concept, abstract notes that helped me become a better trader. Am posting the same and hope it will help you reflect and makes changes to your thinking, attitudes, beliefs, life and trading and help you as it did help me.


Subtle shift in the way we use our brains are the quantum key to life affirming changes in our bodies, lives and relationships.

Cleaning out the experience of the scars and trauma in our lives that have become a part of the brain's structure can be incredibly healing.

Use negative experiences, emotions and thoughts in a positive way to turn your life around.

Moment by moment of thoughts and past experience exert a powerful healing effect on the brain or can work to your detriment.

People can literally change their brains and change their lives by engaging in regular brain healthy habits.

Brain healthy habits include correcting negative beliefs and using meditative processes.

We have within our reach to make significant changes in our lives.

Use scientific concepts and age old wisdom to succeed at living a more enriched life.

Experiment with learning and objectively observe results.

Keep an open mind to build step by step concept.

True empowerment comes when we start to look deeply at our beliefs.

Let go of your conditioned beliefs which you are accustomed to framing reality to see fruit of your efforts.

We should be brave enough to contemplate our lives, do what is 'outside the box' and do it repeatedly to be on our way to a greater level of personal power.

Changes possible : Unexplainable healing, release old mental and emotional wounds, resolve impossible difficulties, create new opportunities and experience wonderful life, wealth etc.

If you make effort to change your inner world of thoughts and feelings, your external environment should begin to give you feedback to show you that your mind has had an effect on your outer world.

If you take intellectual information that you learn as a philosophy and initiate that knowledge into your life by applying it enough times till you master it, you move from being a philosopher to an initiate to a master.

Roots of conditioning lie in religion, culture, society, education, family, media and genes (sensory experiences in our life and pre-birth)

When we weigh old ideas against new paradigms they serve us better.

To leave the familiar that we are accustomed, is like salmon swimming upstream. It takes effort, is uncomfortable, invites ridicule and opposition.

Genius embrace a concept that is alive in their mind inspite of their senses finding it difficult to accept.

It is human nature to balk at changing until things get really bad and that we are so uncomfortable that we can no longer go on with business as usual.

It takes a crisis, trauma, loss, disease and tragedy before we get down to looking at who we are, what we are doing, how we are living, what we are feeling, what we believe or know to embrace true change.

We have a choice to learn and change in a state of pain and suffering or we can choose to evolve in a state of joy and inspiration.

We have to understand that change entails a bit of discomfort, some inconvenience, a break from the routine and a period of not knowing.

Mastery is knowing (absorbing knowledge) and gaining practical experience by applying what is learned until a particular skill becomes ingrained within (knowing how)

To change life involves knowledge and application of knowledge.

Repetition reinforces the circuits in the brain and forms neural connection so that in our weakest hour, we don’t talk our self out of greatness.

Quantum concept : The (subjective) mind has an effect on your (objective) world.

Where we direct our attention is where we place our energy.

Focus on what you want rather than what you don't want.

Question : Defining the present reality by what we perceive with the sense can be the biggest limitation.

If we allow the outer world to control how we think and feel, our external environment is patterning circuits in our brain to make us think everything familiar to us, the result is to create more of the same.

To think positive is not enough because who we are resides subconsciously as negativity in our body. We must therefore bring to our consciousness and revisit old buried hurts and painful experiences and residing in our subconscious, accept that they were there for teaching us some lesson and release them with love and understanding till such time that recalling these events do not bring any negative thought or feeling of anger, helplessness, fear, pain.

To let the outer world to control your thinking and feeling, you hardwire your brain to reflect the problems, conditions and circumstances in your life.

To change, you must be greater than all things - problems, circumstances, and environment in your life.

We unconsciously live as a set of memorized behaviors, thoughts and emotional reactions all running like computer programs behind the scene of conscious awareness.

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