Chana Dec future

Can any1 tell the view on Chana? Currently it is traded at 2060. I'm bearish about the chana today. Do any1 have knowledge about wht is happening in spot market. plz reply
Dear Commodity friends

with respect to pulses... do not trade a call for more than a day.. go with the market wind..

start the day with a buy / sell after 10.05 : take positions and close ur positions at the end of the day

No one knows the actual fundamentals in markets

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Hi Pradeep,,

as a commodity trader i have been in this electronic market since its start.. on my thread in the grains most of the traders that have written have made huge losses in agro urad,chana, guar etc having daily up down of 50-100 rs sometimes more than that..
so in your views if any new comer or beginer wanna enter into this market,, what are the safest way i mean low risk/loss commodities?? and what should b The one factor that always should b kept in mind??

I entirly agree with your view that positions shouldnt b held for too much time here in commodities..

As u said u r a Sr. analyst.. so lookin fwd for ur comments


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