CDEQUI- has no advantages it had earlier


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hi friends

CDEQUI was using global ledger where you can use same money to trade any section like shares or fno or mcx.

Now SEBI issued rulings that they cant share amount across all sections of instruments. so if you keep money for equity,you have to use it only for equity.

secondly CDEQUI uses a backward ODIN that disconnects or gets locked evwery 15 minutes-which a headache and CDEQUI is dumb enough not to provide time limit for lockin or auto reconnect.
Third odin of CDEQUI is not capable to provide continuous datafeed and as such not useful for traders trying to go for autotrading interface.

hope cdequi wakes up in next month if not in this month to improve customer comfort.otherwise instead of trading,a trader has to focus on oprating CDEQUI terminal
CDEQUITY , My experience is worst...

These comment on lower brokerage with no hidden charges n all.

Latter on they deducted 10,000 rs as advance brokerage from my every account. i transfered funds in there account on faith n they fooled me by deducting without any information.

Not yet given refund n they charged me .. odein charges also ( Promised me by mail that.. No hidden charges but after opening account.. No one takes care of client).

Be aware of such brokerage firms.

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