Cash & Futures Arbitrage


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Dear Paul,
I think CDSL means {Central Depository Services (India) Limited} like NSDL where you can open demat a/c. Like Reliance Money is DP of Central Depository Services (India) Limited and ICICIdirect is DP of NSDL.
Where can I see the cash and future stock arbitrage opportunities?
any website?
can i see live prices simultaneously cash and future on any website?
the percentage gain in decreasing order between cash and future prices...
I have account by which I buy Stocks and Futures both,I am on a short sell position on a stock in NSE futures which is going to expire 24-7,I also have the stocks for the same,my question is if I do not square off by 24th then would my stock will get automatically deducted for the delivery for futures??

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