Can't do the transaction because the contract is illiquid?


Today I tried writing 4900 put option NIFTY, 26 Jun 2008 Expiry.

I got the message,
"Can't do the transaction because the contract is illiquid".

The total volume for the day in the contract is 8950 and OI is 365100.
I didnt feel its so illiquid that I cant write a few lots.

However, anyways, where is the list of currently restricted transactions for options is published and how is it decided by the exchange.

Any pointers, insight into this will be highly appreciated.


I think I found somethink myself looking into NSE a bit closer but still incomplete.

On --> f&o,market today, found a link which downloads
csv containing Base Priced for Illiquid contracts.

And following link contains calc. methodology of base prices.

NSE says, one can trade in +- 99% range of base price. My order did satisfy that condition.

Help sought from the more learned members.



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You can goto nseindia DOT com --> marketinfo --> fo --> fomwatchsymbol.jsp?key=nifty
site to find out the details of all contract and traded volume.

I don't know how you got this msg (maybe it is given by your broker), because I do see
the quotes and bid/ask price for Jun-4900 put.

Better luck next time..

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Hi Guys,

More on this.
I spoke to my broker, Indiabulls and what they told me is extremely shocking.

They told me, with IndiaBulls, you can trade only in current month options!!:rolleyes:

One cant't just trade options except for the nearest expiration series!!!

Other people here who use Indiabulls, could you please confirm whether this statment is true and importantly complete. Or, there are some if's and but's to it.