Can we check the stockcharts of one broker and trade in another?

This may be a dumb question but still asking (mainly from intraday perspective, where seconds matters) -

I have accounts with Sharekhan and will be opening one with zerodha.
Sharekhan's tradetiger is great, but their brokerage sucks.

Is it safe to check Sharekhan's TT and trade in zerodha? I know it should be same, as it all boils down to what the actual equity price is, in the NSE/BSE, but can it happen that there might be some lag between the two, and i see different results? After-all, it is a server which caches results from the stock exchange, and one broker might be having a lag, and the other a different one.

Has anybody tried it?
Yes, you can do that
But you have to be fast enough to do it.
There is a possibility of price difference, though not necessary (may be or may not be)

I use to have a charting software and a trading platform, something similar to what you are talking of, both opened side by side.

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