Can software manage the forex trading?

During course of study, I was taught if you know the good techniques about forex managment you can make lots of money and if you are bad at it, you will loose it at a moment.

I believe managing forex is all about skill which can be learned. While I tired to broaden my skills, I encounter with the site which provide the software management of forex. Well it's hard to believe but there is a software as by The question here is, do you really believe that it is possible to manage the forex by the software, where as I have been taught that it is a skill to be learned and one has to be smart with good critiquing abilities. Well I am not sure about managing forex by software, so please do suggest me what is the correct answer. Do write to me if you think same or vice versa. You suggestion are warmly welcomed.

EA also can manage the trading accounts and many traders using different Forex robots allowing them to trade automatically and it also bring positive results in trading.

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