Can I copy the data folder of someone else into my amibroker folder ?

Can I copy the data folder of someone else into my amibroker folder ?
I am having a hard time getting the historical data.

I tried to download through one of the sites but the data is not correct there.

If someone can please upload their data folder. It will be really helpful.

From NSE I have to download the data script by script for historical. Is there someway I can download all the historical data of scripts in one go?
You can export the data to text or excel file using afl, copy to pendrive and import. Copying whole data folder work but you need to copy the indicator file also or save chart template complete then restore that template also.

Thank you.


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In the new database and if AmiBroker is opened with the new database you just need to create the symbol(s) you wanna copy to the new data base and then close AB and move the data file(s) of that old data base to the new database's subfolder(s) that have the same letter. Or if you wanna copy all symbols then move the whole subfolders (like a, b, c, d, e, ....) that contain the symbols to the new DB. But again first create the symbols in AmiBroker (either create them manually or import a symbols list from textfile) with new DB being opened.

No need to export to ascii.

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