Can anybody tell me what are these chart indicators

hi friends

any expert knowing amibroker and tradestation can unfold the mystery of charts posted here.
please post afl equal to the chart indicators.

do we have asctrend indicator in amibroker?

please let me know what indicators are being used in chart below

I have seen similar charts in amibroker before. but cant guess it .

to get the above links i had to beg my friends who are not interested in trading area.

trend direction, direction bias,strength of current trend are things i could imagine like

price nearness to ema21 above it or below it-for example,

bias is breakout based possibility,

strenth of trend is pdi() - mdi() >0 with adx() >25 or mdi-pdi> 0 with adx>25 like

some hints from experts- I will be grateful

many thanks

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