Can a position be carried over from one month to the other?


I am kind of new to the F&O market and have been dabbling with a few calls in the last couple of months.

I wanted to know whether a position can be carried from one month to the next? If no, then is there a way of carrying forward my position to the next month?

Thanks and regards

Thanks Satya.

I did speak to the help desk of the brokerage house and they said it was not possible to carry over. I think I will call up someone senior in the branch and see if they can clarify this.

Thanks again.


I guess you have a near month futures long. If that is the case u need to just close this position and move to the next month before expiry of the current month. Hope that helps


Did you mean that carrying the Feb 2006 position to March 2006? I am not sure if you can do that.

I believe that F&O positions are valid till the expiry date.


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No you cannot carry forward a position to the next month.
you have to sell the current month contract and buy the next month.

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