CAMARILLA - A New World For Me

Nikhil Dogra

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why don't you use a filter on daily like - If daily price above sma 5 you will trade only "long breakouts" & "short breakouts" only if daily price is below sma 5 , i see you are using it for selling resistance/buying support so you can use filter of daily 5sma to only buy support if price on daily is above 5sma & vice versa for selling resistence when price on daily is below 5sma


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Small but quick profit in Adanient



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M&M also nice profit today....
Good day today, No more trades now !!!



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Very Quick trade today in COLPAL



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No there is no afl for the same
It simply indicates the candle/region where I buy as per my selection.
Here's simple method:
At that very point near S3/S4/R3/R4 of Camarilla in FnO stock (Cash segment) only,
I check number of buyers or sellers, if they are greater than 10 day average volume of that stock
then in my view something is cooking at that level and stock will definately move one side.
Like at resistance, it will either retrace its path downward upto any fibo level or will breakout.
Apart from S/R, I sparingly use volumes, macd and candle structure...
But ya i do use !
like a doji + perfect support at S4 + current trading at S3 + huge no. of sellers...
compelled me to buy COLPAL on 18th Oct 2017
No. of buyers/sellers may be temporarily for 1-2 mins or 15 mins or hour.... I Dont Care
but it must be there at Cam level
This is the latest change I have done in reading Cam Levels.
I am still a learner in Cam world so may be its just a fluke... but its working till now.
Wish me luck and Happy Deepawali to All !!!
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Perfect breakout in NBCC above R4
Also mentioned same stock in other thread at 9.15am
No more trades, got good profit


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