CAMARILLA - A New World For Me


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As market always tends to change its mood so earning daily is getting harder, day by day, for me.
Last month, I met my old friend who takes trades, based on only and only camarilla,
I paper traded for 1 month with much success and now I am ready to try my luck in hard real world.
I have already much experience in S/R and thats the only way I traded so far but nowadays luck is not with me and for past 2 months, my NPNL days increased much.
My Net profit per month has decreased to 60% of what it used to be 2 months back.
Trading is my only bread and butter so lets see what camarilla has for me: Only Bread OR With Butter.

Rules are simple:
  • Only S4 / L4 will be considered.
  • First entry will be as S/R.
  • But if it fails then breakdown or breakout.
  • Charting by Amibroker.
  • Only FnO stocks but in cash.
  • Starting with less investment but will inc. as per confidence buildup.
  • I will post charts and trades as per feasibility.


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if you are using it pure mechanically its very difficult to succeed with cam. there is an excellent book of camarilla/pivot - secrets of pivot book. read it if you want it.


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if you are using it pure mechanically its very difficult to succeed .............. read it if you want it.
Hi, I am not able to find the book, you mentioned.
Can you plz post the link for E-Book ???

Moreover after consulting my guru for camarilla, I realised my mistake...
I must take a long after breakout with target of Rs.15



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Clear Breakout in Bhartiartl



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From Monday, I will consider levels L3 and H3 as well,
in addition to existing L4 and H4.


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just like that dont change rules based on everyday with original rules set, but mark those improvements points (like adding H3 and L3 along with H4 and L4). in trading diary..contiune with original rules sets for atleast 3 months,, after 3 months , see your diary , understand effects of new addition of rules, then decide to change rules.


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Booked Loss due to impatience today....


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