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Keep a watch on This stock now. It has got a big investor to invest 650 Cr. So It could make it easier for cals to get the FC done now... UC (20%) for last 2 days.
ICICIDiecrt had disabled buy option on this but has enabled it now, should we take it as positive ?


Cals Refineries Ltd has informed BSE that Al Qebla Al Watya of Kuwait on November 25, 2010 has signed agreements with the Company as its first entry into the Indian oil refining Sector. The agreements cover cash investments of USD 150 million through GDR route. The investment is subject to all Indian government and regulatory approvals.

Al Qebla Al Watya is an investment vehicle of Kharafi. The Kharafi family with a heritage of over 100 years hails from Kuwait and controls one of the Middle East's largest conglomerates in the field of finance, construction, manufacturing (including oil and gas equipment), food industry, telecommunication and hospitality among many others. The Kharafi Group now operates in more than 30 countries around the world and has more than 100,000 employees.
Today morning the stock was not so stable at the UC, Some big sellers just came by...
@ 0.45 paisa today, If Circuit limit is revised then Tomorrows Max will be chopped to 10%, which equate to 0.49 paisa.
Well they say... no risk no gain. Bought 300000 shares at avg price of 30 paise
on friday itself after hearing the news :thumb:

now lets see its progress :cool:
I I would like to know what will be the brokerage for penny stocks. I had bought birlaPower but ShareKhan charged me .05 paise per share. U think I would ever make that. While opening account they specified me that its .05 for every 100rs .. but now they charged me per share. Is its that way? please help

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