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Couple of trade size calculators here.

TradeSize pro
You can use our TradeSize pro on all the investment tools: Shares, Options and Futures, taking Long or Short positions.
- set your Account Size.
- set your Maximum Risk % (start with +/- 2,5%).
- choose your Commission payment with the proper value.
- enter the trade Entry and your trade StopLoss Price.
When all necessary fields has been filled in, TradeSize pro will make the calculations automatically and you will find your stress free Trade Size, the Money Risk, Money in use (without possible margins) and the Break-even price.
Download here 4 mb


Well-Known Member
hi everybody,

thanks for the link...the software is excellent.i have downloaded it and installed the software.can u xplain some terms in the software..i would be grateful to u.

1) Maximum Risk %

2) Money Risk

3) break even price.

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