Buying Time Now - Enter Low Now

The Market Gaining In The Last Two Days Of The Week , Recovering The Previous Losses , Is Likely To Continue Gain Ahead! Volatility N Mixed Trends To Be Witnessed In The Week! As No Positive Signal Has Entered Stock Prices N Based Activity To Move In Tight Band.
Till Budget Its Good Time To Enter As The Market Has Come To Its Lowest Levels N Further Decline Is Possible ! Tech Majors Are Available N Selective Buying Option Is Open For Long Term Investment. Pharma Has Been Showing Down Trend N The Frontline Stocks Are There For Long Term View , Go For Specific Ones! Banking Sector Losing Points Hav Made It Possible To Equally Get Into Selected Bank Stocks , As Its Likely To Change The Trend After Budget! Metal N Cement Stocks Are To The Major Players Who May Bring Major Activity In Market. Metal Stocks To Perform Verywell Due To The Huge Increase In Demand . Also The Cement Sector To Boost Up If The Focus On Agriculture , Farming N Rural Development Increases More!
Keep Tracking As Bargain I Spossible At These Low Levels , Positive For New Investors To Enter . Declining Economic Indicators , Price Hikes , Uncertain Govt Scenario Has Made Bought Downward Trend
Leading To Buying Activity By Many Oppourtunists!
Hi there, I have been active in the comodities market MCX/NCDXfor the past one month. Trying to ue all the opportunities silver is throwing up some trades have been winners others not. Want more info on good opportunities.
baron said:
what just happen, did i miss something this2 year old thread got replied is there any connection between the thread and the reply ???

No Baron,

That was just a freak entrant

But good for you.
If indeed you posted that initial commentary (6/04) , it shows how true your vision was then ... and how much money you have obviously made in the markets last 2 years

(Presuming of course that yours is not a freak / ficititious / back-dated post ... hahah just joking ! .. how is that possible ?)


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