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I am planning to purchase health insurance for me and my family. However, I am not sure how should I go about. What is the ideal way to buy health insurance in India??
Hey Aakash,

There are 2 ways of buying the health insurance, offline i.e. through an agent or online. Currently for convenience and the discounts people usually go for online mode. As per my personal experience I would suggest you to take up an online policy, Future Generali provide best health insurance plans for both individual and family and have cashless settlement across best network hospitals. They are known of settling claims quickly due to their in-house processing team. I hope this helps.
Being a part of health insurance services company I have always noticed that there are large number of people, who at first show keen interest in buying Health Insurance services, but after they are recommended some of the best suitable health insurance policies, they suddenly just disappear. Intrigued by this, we did a detailed internal analysis and a customer survey, and we realized that most people, including some of the brightest professionals, delay their decision/action to buy, primarily due to 3 reasons:

a) The product has no instant gratification or compulsion to buy.

b) Expectation of a perfect match to their requirements (and)

c) Due to over exposure to multiple product features, advertisements, and promotions.

If you need any assistance you can contact me at : [email protected] / [email protected] and mobile no. : +919830510546

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Sudip Dutta
Buying Health Insurance is very nice thing. Before buying it check the terms and condition for the plan. Check that whether that plan cover your requirements or not. For health insurance I prefer the Aegon Religare health insurance plan which provides me best health insurance plan with expert advice.For more information visit
Accident health insurance plans are attracting a lot of attention in the supplemental accident coverage market because it's so practical. This type of personal injury insurance plan falls into the indemnity category rather then the insurance category.seo consulting


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Apart from term insurance you may also consider a few more points. This checklist will help you taking the right coverage and right policy.
You may check the below link for more and taking the right mediclaim policy.

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Health insurance is treated as one of the most important element to included in ones life. Lets explore health insurance , it may benefit people who are looking out to buy one. Productive inputs are always of great potential in any which ways. The importance of health insurance covers those unpredictable moments in life. It is the guarantee of being seen when ill and to have that medical treatment on a pay scale based on coverage.

As the cost of medical expenses is rising steadily; falling ill is turning into a very expensive affair. When you or your loved ones need medical treatment, the last thing to worry about is funds and financing. With health insurance, you know that you have a financial safeguard and can peacefully focus on getting well soon. Without having to spend all your hard-earned savings on medical reasons, let the health insurance plans take care of it all. One may explore the best health insurance providers in the idustry. Explore the links gioven below to learn more about the experienced and trusted names ion the insurance industry.
Health Insurance is must and can't be tolerate, they can safe our live...
I am completely agreed with your views. These days health insurance is really very important and everyone must have it. Last month I bought Chola MS health insurance plan for my family, these days health care expenses are getting higher. Health plans helps you to manage such expenses without suffering your savings.
Yes, you can buy health insurance online. Just ensure you read all the terms and conditions properly. If there are any ad-dons that need to be added as an extra rider and ensure that the policy satisfies your financial needs and budget. Isn't it amazing that it has gone so easy to buy health, travel or life insurance in India.

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