Buying dips in an uptrend

how many trades have your taken of the charts you have posted? how many are profitable and how many are in loss? please share
Have not taken any trade so far . I am working on evolving a strategy and by posting these charts here , i can come back after a month and check how the stocks moved .

I started with a basic strategy of buying when an underlying comes to 50 ema in an uptrend . Now, i am toying with NR7 and 5 day high breakout alongwith the 50 EMA .

Many a times market bounces off the 50 EMA and goes into a short-term consolidation . So , NR7 helps in finding the stock where action is due and about to happen.

Secondly , i am checking 5 day high breakouts near 50 ema .

If you would like to add something , you are welcome .


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I have a sound strategy for trading Bank Nifty futures & options . I made LOTS of money using that strategy in BN futures and weekly options. Do you want me to share my strategy ? I bet that you will come back to THANK me .
Please share sir. Even you without betting all will thank you LOTS & LOTS. :happy:
I would like to define trend first . If 20 SMA on daily is going up , trend is up.
If MACD Histogram is going up , momentum is up.
When trend and momentum are UP , trade 2 lots.
When trend is up , momentum is down , trade 1 lot.

Entry : 15 Min
On 15 minute chart , put Bollinger Bands ( 50,2) . When daily momentum is up , look for 50 SMA ( centre line) to be sloping up. You take position at centre line or near lower band .

Exit : Weekly ATR
You can add weekly ATR range to Friday's low for positional trades or big profits.
For scalping , you can book profits when 15 Min chart completes 5 swings or 5 waves denoted by red horizontal arrows.
Five swings denote 1 complete impulse wave and when this 5 swing high is taken out, market will accelerate to the upside. On break of these 5 swings also , one can initiate position .

To make things more simple , you can look for a green Heikin ashi bar at 50 SMA or near lower band for entry.

If daily momentum is up and 50 SMA on 15M starts sloping down , means trend is changing . Stay out for a while while things again fall in place.

If you buy futures , do not forget to buy a put of strike 300 points below of futures price to protect from any unseen event .

I tried to keep it simple and hope that you all find it easy .
In this chart , daily trend is up but momentum is down . So , we trade 1 lot . ( Lot size is with reference to your account size . )

Daily MACD histogram is coming down , so we loof for downsloping centre-line on 15M and start shorting near upper band and centre-line. I have not marked the 5swing breakout to the downside because of this blue P appearning here and there .

You are free to tweak it as you like . you can short futures or calls , you can buy puts... you are free to execute as per your comfort . If selling futures , keep a hedge by buying call 300 points away from your futures price.

Trade in only as many option lots as you will do in futures .


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how many trades have your taken of the charts you have posted? how many are profitable and how many are in loss? please share
No comment on this, as it has incredible value first to understand behind it . :up:

But why not accept what is posted.

Buydadip do continue what you post here. :up:
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I am working on a strategy for day trading options in Nifty . Today it gave a return of 1% in day trading .
Want to paper trade it for a month and see how it performs . In one month we will see trending days , going nowhere days , narrow range days , wide range days . I am quite curious to see how it performs day in and day out .

After learning about option Greeks , I did a lot of brainstorming as to how to use it . Keeping delta neutral , wanted to make use of theta ( time decay ) . Let's see how it performs over a period of time to have a good sample of differing market conditions .

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