Buying dips in an uptrend

In this thread , we will look for opportunities to buy dips in an ongoing uptrend.
Criteria is as follows :
1) 20 ema is above 50 ema
2) latest close is below 20 ema
3) latest close is above 50 ema
4) volume is above 100k

I have saved this scan in chartink as " EMA Buy 1" . This is based on EoD charts.

Few stocks that come up in scan today are :
Amar Raja Batteries , Pidilite Industries , Liberty Shoes , Adani Power
To check any other parameters...Like any Indicatiors
If you are looking for confirmation or resumption of uptrend , once the stock starts breaking 4 day high , you can assume the uptrend to begin and momentum to kick in . I basically trade in FnO , so when i feel something is going up , i either buy an ITM call or buy futures and an OTM put of strike where my stoploss is.

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