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Dear ones

Wipro is one of the best managed company in the country and is one of the leader.It has yearly low and high is around 380 to 775 but in this month it has made a low of 575 and thereby the managment has anounced Bonus 1:1 which is less than previous year and looking from the previous notions and keeping the market fluctuation it shall make a top from 900 to 1200 to the most. But to keep this share in your portfolio and for small investor is advisable as this gives appreciation of about 75% to 50% from last three years . The script is good for its retail value even small lot be added always in ur list to keep ur self aware about the tech industry and its liberal bonus higher dividened.Hope miinvestor love the inforamtion With regards Nksagar :)
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Dear kanhaic

The announcemtn is just made , approval and closing dates have to submitted by the company and is awaited so in the meantime u have enough time to purchase generally date settle in AGM. AGM is awaited to submit annual accountto shareholders.

U can go for the purchase seeing the downtrend and uptrend in the market.Hope u purchase in downtrend to give u best purchasing possible price.

With regards/ :)
Wipro Ltd has informed the Exchange that the BODs of the Company at their meeting held on April 22, 2005 has recommended issue of bonus shares at the ratio of 1:1 i.e. one equity shares for every one equity share held as on the record date to be determined by the BODs after the Annual General Meeting. Subject to the approval of the members of the company for issue of bonus shares, the record date for the same will be determined by the Board after the Annual General Meeting.

The AGM is on 21 July 2005. The record date will be decided in the AGM.

The Book Closure dates for the dividend are from July 01,2005 to July 11,2005 both days inclusive. The dividend of 5 rupees per share will be paid to all holding the shares on July 01, 2005. The date of dividend is not declared.
it just announcement of bonus the record date comes much later and is called ex bonus .
Be comfortable and enjoy the rate flucutation in the market.


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