buy sell signal software

Hi Kcube17
These are algo trading softwares.
Instead better you develop your own strategy and backtest on streak or pi if you are a zerodha clent.
( I am not promoting zerodha ) or else you can paper trade or backtest on trading view or your own chart software.
best luck.
Then forget there exists any such buy sell signal software, they are useless, only to cheat traders.
Otherwise they themselves would have become multi millionaires by trading
Better learn trading, yourself and then trade


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I know one honest teacher that will tech you everything you need to know
Your own losses :xD

But i can tell you no single trading system works all time.
there are 4 kind ... up trend system| Down trend system | Side ways Trading system | and one where you don;t trade You just pray it don;t go more down:xD :rolleyes:

In stock market if you are with Big man you make money . you go opposite him your bank gets empty.
One guy from traderji said " keep looses short and Let your profit ride" idk who said that
I realize this only now Damm that guy was so smart
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