buy manali petrochem @15

OK, here's the dirt on Manali Petro:

P/E 2.22
52 Wk H/L 16.3/3.2
Market Cap 16.6 Cr.

A Petro Company with a market cap of 16.6 Cr......

Sounds shady....
An option to this would be Tamilnadu Petro, trading at about 20 bucks, market cap about 180 Cr., known to give good dividends.....
Hi Uday, Its bullish in short term. I am not sure of the fundamental stuffs that you posted here. I am just looking at the charts.
Its 1 week return is close to 6%. My target is 17 in a weeks time.
Regd Tamilnadu Petro ..its bearish in short term.. plz follow the market prices in coming days n u will know what i m speaking about.
I am sure of what i am saying.
Hi young genius,

Short term capital gains could well be given by this share is what you are saying. Fair enough.

I was looking at a more long-term perspective.



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I think Uday has a valid point. I know three well known traders who advice staying strictly away from midcaps. I also know some other people who have made a fortune in such shares and there are any number of lost fortunes on what happened when tech boom busted.

One CNBC speaker recently told me that unless a small company becomes a resonably large company and continously remains in limelight/scruitiny, it could be suicidal. Unless you know the management personally.

Why should ppl advice buying blue chips on dips otherwise.

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