BSE WEBEX (BOLT) platform

any idea anyone using this link and if using pls let me know how it works

and waht are the charges about this. Is it true that using this software one can directly trade in BSE scrips.....any information on this will be welcomed...


Hi tahxs for the reply

r u using it and if not do u have any info waht are the charges for it and who installes it.

Any comment frm all the investors who got info welcomed.
I have been using this for the last 4 months and my broker is India Infoline.

The system is very simple (I am using a very simple version). India Infoline were not able to guide me probably, but the staff at BSE were very courteous and helped me out to commence trading.

You can have a list of your securities (I think the maximum is 20) that you would like to monitor. You get real time rates, volumes and other details as well. You can edit (add and remove) the list of scrips. You can place orders either on market rate basis or on limit basis.

I am also trying to get an account on this but brokers are not interested...

it's touph to get in....but it's the best system...

best part is you can choose any broker to use bsewebex, even you can register with multiple brokers and still use the same logon on bsewebex...only ur brokerage charges goes to that particular brokers...

Let me know any broker in bangalore allowing bsewebex....

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