BSE NSE Groups in data files


I am absolutely new to the stock market and still feeling my way about through various websites/mags etc.

I am getting eod quotes files for BSE and NSE from a source in Mumbai. Both the files are in database (DBF) format. The BSE file has the scripts classified into the foll groups A, B, B1, T, TS, S and Z. What I would like to know is what do these stand for and which of these constitute the B2 group?

Also the NSE file that I receive has no such classification into groups. Where can I get the list of NSE listed cos which fall into A, B1 and B2 groups?

THanks in advance and regards
I am new to this market, but have some initial knowledge about it. I woud like to know which stocks falls in which groups, like the groups B1, B2, A, S. which are stocks which fall under this group.
Hi desaiji,
I read your thread and I belive that our problem is same.I am also in search of bse-nse eod dbf files having different code number of companies in nse bse dbf combine file,If you
find some source please inform me on [email protected] I am ready to pay for the same.

Thank you.

With regards,

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