Brokers who accept FD as collateral

I have following requirements.
1. Broker should accept third party fixed deposits made out to NSCCL/broker. This means this deposit is pledged to NSCCl but in case I default the broker has a right to take money from deposit but NSCCL has to be involved before he can get the funds. ( simple I don't trust brokers because I have heard lot of bad news)
2. Broker who provide algo tools with prebuilt strategies ..I prefer blitz trader because it comes with prebuilt stratgeies. So please don't suggest Zerodha, upstox because they both dont provide blitz trader. They have their own version of algo which I am not comfortable with.
3. Broker should give good margin/exposure for positional options selling(I said positional means NRML or CND not intraday )
4. Broker should not insist on POA ..instead he should be ok with cdsl easiest facility for transfer/pledge etc.
5. Broker should not insist on opening a demat account with him ..he should be able to link/map my existing demat with his trading account

Thanks guys..there are so many out there..I am getting confused which one to choose.
The only Broker which accept FD as Margin of NSE F&O is Globe Capital Market Limited .
conditions are as follows
  1. Minimum FDR should be Rs.500000
  2. Deposit your fund in your trading a/c and send mail request for making FDR (Amount) (Tenure)
    just two days process.
    then you can use full 100% amount as margin.
    Interest accrued will be credited on 31st March of every year after deducting TDS.

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