Brokers i used in this 10yrs of trade experience now 2009-2020


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You can check profitmart reviews too. They offered me 10times for NF,BnF Future as well as Options but i've already too many a/cs with other brokers so didn't made contract with them. They have 20rs order and you can negotiate with them. I kept on telling them to provide me Options in 3-5rs but they can at best provide me 10rs per lot or 20rs per order system.
That’s good! Using multiple brokers is a smart choice, your trading needs get fulfilled in a better way altogether. Even I keep switching between brokers, only one with which I am consistent has been finvasia coz trading cost wise they are the best (zero brokerage). Rest, for charting and all, I use zerodha and some other brokers.

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