hi traderji!
i just want to know the brokerage rates charged by some major players in electronic brokingi.e. by 5paisa,icicidirect,indiabulls,kotakstreet,sharekhan.i will be very thankful to you if you will provide this information to me.

The Brokerage Charges are calculated as under :-

For Intra-day Trades :-

0.1% on the buy side and 0.1% on the sell side. This is subject to a minimum brokerage of 5 paise per share. This means that if the share price you trade in is Rs 50/- or less, a minimum brokerage of 5 paise per share will be charged.

For Delivery Based Trades :-

0.5% or 10 paise per share or Rs 18/- per scrip whichever is higher.

Minimum brokerage of 10 paise per share is applicable when the share price is Rs 20/- or less and minimum brokerage of Rs 18/- per scrip will be applicable when the traded price is Rs 3600/-

For F&O trades :-

0.1% on the first leg

0.02% on the second leg if squared off on the same day and 0.1% if squared off on any other day.

The Transaction Charges are :-


Delivery based transaction in equity - Buyer and seller each to pay 0.075%

Non-delivery based transaction in equity - Seller to pay 0.015%

Derivatives (F&O) - Seller to pay 0.01%

Stamp Duty 0.010% for delivery based trades and 0.002% for intra-day trades.

Service Tax 10.20% on Brokerage (10% Service Tax + 0.2% Surcharge on Service Tax)

You can also get in touch at on 91-22-56621111 or 1600 22 7500.


Precise brokerage amount


0.11019 F&O buy
0.12020 F&O sell
0.11013 margin buy
0.12503 margin sell
0.90164 cash buy
0.90116 cash sell

These percentages include all the taxes, dmat charges, etc. (Offcourse, excluding capital gains tax)

I got these numbers by some sort of reverse engineering.. i.e by doing actual trades and seeing how much brokerage gets deducted..

For cash & margin segments, the amount on which these percentages are applied is:

[(number of shares)*(share price)]

For Options segment, this amount is:

[ (lot size) * ((strike price)+(option price)) ]

I havn't traded in futures yet but numbers for Options will apply here too for underlying amount:

[(buy price)*(lot size)]


5 paisa is charging .25 for delivery, but, they are taking Rs 7000/- as advance brokerage, you trade or don't trade, its gone.........

5 paisa will allow you to keep postion of 20 times for days and will cut postion without telling you........

Wow....lots of info there,Thanx nkpanjiyar!!
Hello Amandeep
I cant help for this late reply,as I have joined this forum only today.I wish to give you the information that sharekhan dont have a firm policy about brokerage.You should negotiate and try to extract the maximum.One irritating problem with them is you will always find them breathing down your neck forgreater turnover.
Kotak street have a definite policy on brokerage,and they have different slabs for different clients based on their turnover.You can always choose your brokerage based on your style and quantum of trading.One thing common to both sharekhan and kotak is both are reliable and their transactions are transparent,with an efficient back office support.
Guys these brokerage rates for F&O are frightfully expensive, If you don't mind using a call and trade broker you can get the following brokerage structure here in bangalore.

F&O buy - 0.035 %
F&O sell - 0.035 %

Above rates also apply for intraday share trading.

Delivery buy - 0.35
Delivery Sell - 0.35

These rates are for normal traders. If you are a high volume daytrader the rates are even lower. Plus you get an ODIN traders terminal for free.

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hi i feel icicidirect is the safest ...i wuld say a known danger is better then unknown1...
coz u dont know on what pretext the other players charge u...
only downside i wuld icici is little slow ...
brokerage is .25% flat ...well little higher..but i feel its most comfy site n well integrated with ur banking accnt.
Hi Friends

At present i am using Indiabulls, their Ledger is very difficult to Understand.
I want to know about 5paisa or Kotak Street, they provide Simple Ledger


if someone using Indiabulls he can explain me how i can see that
how they Debit the Brokerage and Taxs in my account..


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