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I had opened an on line trading account with the "LION" group after having been assured that I would be able to trade on all scrips listed on NSE as well as the BSE. I got a demo after a reasonably long time (i.e., after a few months). The delayed demo was not as devastating as the news that presently they do not have facilities for dealing on line on the scrips listed on the BSE.

I also held my demat account with them and my troubles did not end. When I wanted all my scrips to be transferred to another on line trading account, I was in for continued disappointment. After a few days when I have my assistant to enquire as to whether the shares in my demat account have been transferred or not, I am informed that I have to remit a few hundred rupees of transfer fees.

Very very horrifying experience indeed.

I am happy that you are doing a good job of rating the brokers. Will you take this issue further or try to rate the brokers ? Or you could just have the ratings of the on-line trading facilities of Banks and private operators ?

Kamalesh :eek:


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I second this thing about rating the brokers. How does one know which one will provide good service and which one has bad reputation payments wise.

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