Broker APIs

What software platforms do 5Paisa, ICICIDirect, Indiabulls, etc. use, and is there any documentation on APIs which could be used to build a custom client or automated trading system? For some inexplicable reason, this basic information isn't available directly on their websites.

Tejas Khoday

Co-Founder & CEO, FYERS
Hey @robotjunior, I completely understand your dilemma. Well, I guess their focus is in other areas. At FYERS, we have a technology-first approach. We believe in enabling traders through our platforms or even extension of our platform/infrastructure To make customization possible at a client level, we have introduced FYERS Trading APIs. Here's a link to FYERS API Docs.

Hope this helps.

(Please note that the APIs are made available for free only to active traders with trading strategies, platforms, websites, etc. You will need to request access in the above link to be able to use API and it is not available for non-trading/purposes. We're just selective about who we make it available to).

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