Bought 6200ce @ 58.10


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what should i do?
BOUGHT 6200CE @ 58.10
When did you buy? High of 28th for NIFTY13OCT 6200 CE is showing as 41.3.

29th close was @ 54.9 and high was 59.85.
One doubt is Options to be played intraday or can be hold for days, because as per my understanding it is prediction of a particular price and during intraday lot of people will enter and square off so will intraday will be best time / duration to play options or can we just buy options contract and wait for 1-2 days until we get a good raise,,,


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#7 high
what was your thought process when you bought there?

expiry is in 2 days....that is tomorrow

NF spot is at 6220....that means out of the 58 only 20 is intrinsic and 38 is time value which is subject to decay even if NF stands in the same place doing nothing.

you need NF to close above 6258 tomorrow to BE and say go above atleast 6240 today to possibily get out BE.

1. what is you view?
2. how much more upside do you think there is in these 2 days?
3. At what level will you decide that your view of going up is no longer valid and need to get out at a loss?
4. What is the r:r of this trade? even if you want to make 1:1 NF needs to go above 6320.....and preferrable 1:2 or 1:3....much much higher

as a trader you need to have answers to these Questions BEFORE you take a trade.

give it some thought
Simple Answers for you:-

1. Exit your trade to protect your capital from further erosion
2. If you have answers to questions asked above, move to Nov series per your beliefts


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