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Hedge Strategy Trader in Options and Futures
There are many books about any topics in and about trading in and what ever way how trading can be done.. You have to be very clear what you want and then search for what ever you think is good for you.

Option Trading
Future Trading
TA analyzing trading
Forex Trading
High Volume Trading
and so on and on.

And even then you have to know what you want as ever of this topic is even seen and valued from different perspectives.

So telling this is my book and this is the best is just a view of many different ways and will may serve a few and will not serve the many hounderts which will have a complete other idea of what trading is.
Ye, of course, it is called "The Richest Man in Babylon." I believe that it is a real study guide for any investor and trader. Wise thoughts from this book are relevant at all centuries. Many years have passed, but nothing changed. All the same relevant points are discussed: earn, then save some money, and use them to become reacher.

Money is the measure of social success.
Money makes it possible to taste the higher joys that life gives.
Money love people who understand simple accumulation laws.
Book will help you in learning theoretical aspect of market may be fundamental or technical, but perfect knowledge will be obtain by practical trading. If you are new to forex then start with Demo account.

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