Bonus issue by Glenmark


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Dear Traderji,

As you must be aware, Glenmark has issued bonus shares in the ratio of 1:1. I am a holder of Glenmark shares and am in receipt of a letter from Glenmark which mentions the procedure in which one may avail of the bonus shares. There are 2 options, namely:

1. If one is holding physical shares and wants the bonus issue in demat form; and
2. If one is holding demat shares and wants the bonus issue in physical form.

All my shares are in demat form and I would also like to have the bonus issue in demat.

Please advise on what the procedure is to avail the bonus issue as I have absolutely no idea what the correct and current procedure is like.

If you are already holding the shares in demat form you have to do nothing. The bonus shares will be credited to your account on the due date.

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