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It has come to my notice in the past couple of days that a new phenomenal platform has been created. It is called The features that impressed me the most were that they have a facility to categorize posts into donkey number of categories like a discussion forum. Secondly, you can blogroll,link, ping and goes not what automatically. It seems like the infosys of blogging platforms.

I am relatively new to blogging and so I am not really the right judge. If some friend from here could have a look and let us know the complete advantages and limitations, I would be highly obliged. I think it is extremely user-friendly

In my view, Jaideep and Amitbe would probably find it very useful since they write a variety of poetry. People like NKP,Joy and others who have written interesting posts apart from the stock market may also find it useful.

I just thought that we should continue to follow the trend of "in a discussion forum on shares, we should share more than info on shares".

I shall probably remain sideways for sometime and I hope a more experienced blogger takes over from here.
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