Bhavcopy to be decomissioned ??


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Looking at the betaNse website, it looks like the plan is to remove Bhavcopy ?

every datafeed has a subscription fee against it.

are people aware of it, where is everyone switching to ?
i currently have python processes that download from NSE and use this data..

Even I have the same concern and keeping fingers crossed.
Hopeful the data subscription charges will be limited only for commercial use and for individuals the data will be made available without any fee.

NSE EOD ...:confused::(:dead:
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Thanks sr114 .. atleast this looks encouraging. Could not find this link .. and for a while, panicked..

@traderhardrock and others looking for python code
i have it as part of bigger download application, will probably take out a script and give it in sometime.
but i guess sharing that in public forum is a pain... and anyway the links will be displaced once Beta website goes live
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