!!! Beware Illegal AmiBroker Users !!!


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I think maybe we may have conveyed the wrong message here or are being interpreted wrongly.

What we are trying to say, is that Velocity can work with the Demo version (Unregistered) which you can download from the Amibroker website. We do not encourage / intend to encourage any piracy.

It is clearly mentioned that the data would not be saved in Amibroker in an unregistered version, but Velocity can help to a certain extent to reload the data on to the Demo version. This could help users analyze the application before they could be ready to buy it. Also, a demo (Unregistered version) allows only 5 tick charts.

Let me know, what you think is wrong in this and what is the right thing to write to convey the same meaning and we will do the changes instantly. Can't hear anything for Country or Community.
@TrueData1 does truedata support original Amibroker version 6.3

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