!!! Beware Illegal AmiBroker Users !!!


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Who are you to say it wrong or right or even PLEASE TALK TO YOUR INNER CONSCIENCE WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME !!!
who are you to decide what is shameful for another being i guess no one,
I am a righteous user of the application and appreciate the Developer's hard work in building it over the years. And cannot tolerate THE MISUSE of it! BECAUSE I KNOW AT THE END OF THIS VICIOUS LOOP, AUTHORIZED USERS LIKE ME FROM INDIA WILL GET UNNECESSARILY AFFECTED.
Who are you to say
who are you to decide
ITS a choice of an individual
NO.... NOT in this case.... NOT anymore... Had that been the case, the pirated copies of AmiBroker would not get resold to sheeps. Impotent gurus would not have bragged with free TA software (pirated copies of AmiBroker) along with their courses.... This is no longer limited to individuals.... KNOWINGLY people are selling and reselling unauthorised versions or using AmiBroker for their own business gains. I have just posted a screenshot of TrueData allowing such mis-usage....

for a puny software
Are you seriously kidding with me or you are not aware of the reality?


(Source: https://www.similarweb.com/website/amibroker.com#overview)

In last 6 months 2,07,220 visits to AmiBroker.com, that means on an average about 1200 visits OCCURS everyday..... YOU ARE SAYING A PRODUCT'S WEBSITE THAT GETS VISITED ABOUT 1200 TIMES EVERYDAY, IS PUNY?? Not going to Google searches stats.....

Demographically speaking, how many from India clutter AmiBroker's network. Here are the stats:


INDIA is AmiBroker's No. 1 consumer - not ethically but piracy and stealing wise.......

IF IT IS PUNY! DON'T USE IT....... Don't search anything AFL or AmiBroker related in Google. STOP VISITING AMIBROKER.COM or its Official Forum.... In one hand you will use it daily that too by using pirated versions AND on the other hand you will curse it as puny, weak, not good.... That's just being purely hypocritical, isn't it?

IF IT IS NOT GOOD, IRRELEVANT STOP USING IT.... SIMPLE! No one is asking you to advocate theives......
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For evaluation purposes, one has authentic privilege for 30 DAYS of trial period, why use pirated copies? Experiment as much as with the User Manual! The manual has every answer to basic questions or fundamental concepts.

No words left! What hurts more is that, they do not even repent!
It is such a shame that even NSE Authorized Data Vendors (like @TrueData1) openly supports such ill-activity. Very irresponsible!

(Link: https://www.truedata.in/feedback/knowledge-base/article/truedata-velocity-2-0-beta-released)

Does anyone realize what image we are making of ourselves as a Community or as a Country in-front of the World?

I think maybe we may have conveyed the wrong message here or are being interpreted wrongly.

What we are trying to say, is that Velocity can work with the Demo version (Unregistered) which you can download from the Amibroker website. We do not encourage / intend to encourage any piracy.

It is clearly mentioned that the data would not be saved in Amibroker in an unregistered version, but Velocity can help to a certain extent to reload the data on to the Demo version. This could help users analyze the application before they could be ready to buy it. Also, a demo (Unregistered version) allows only 5 tick charts.

Let me know, what you think is wrong in this and what is the right thing to write to convey the same meaning and we will do the changes instantly. Can't hear anything for Country or Community.


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How the hell did you know that the Kohinoor is with me? Tell me truthfully, are you using Government Machinery to spy on me through this forum? Do I need to be worried, and change my entire identity again, and disappear from India too? Was just beginning to like it in India
@sumosanammain. Nice to see sense of humour catching up with your experienced trading prowess!!!


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The pirated copies of windows are wider known to Microsoft also and companies sometimes do the same for wider publicity of S/W and reach to end users.
Most software companies (esp like Microsoft and Google) have clear details on pirate users....but it may be a major problem, like if you drag it out, a Pandora's box of issues may open up..(including the companies' own integrity in collecting personal data, international relations,..)....so they have not taken steps to address it.

But things may change anytime...
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I totally support Amibroker for all their efforts in making such a brilliant software. And also support all the steps they take for stopping the piracy of the same. Piracy is theft and no argument can justify it.

I used registered version at my last employer and it really shows the quality of software that is accessible to retail trader cum investor.

Now when i am starting my own fund will definitely buy original instead of using pirated.

Hats off to Amibroker and its developers.

Stop Piracy.


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issue is price and doller to ruppee exchange rate . the main version is 500$. which is around 36000/ indian ruppe. well i can use any free software like chartnexus etc or nowadays some indian brokers giving good charing softwares. coming days these brokers can be a rescuers. amibroker asked 36000/ for software only. well many investers and trader wud prefer to invest that amount in trade or investment. nowdays though not so competable software but investers are getting reasonable quality software either free or in reasonable price. so amibroker have to lower the price. this is not a practical price for indian traders and investers. where as for most traders (not investers)stockmaraket is not profit making platform,so why they will invest such amount only for software


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what a joke
Common Indian trader/investor does not want to spend a rupee on data, historical and/or real time, (without which a software, whether free or paid is useless) and asking him to spend for a software.

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