Better or Best forum for commodities..pls help


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Dear TJ friends,

Can anyone suggest me a better forum than TJ for fruitful discussions on commodities. Of late, the inability of TJ admins ( i hate to say this,but fact) to get the forum under their control has made this forum hell within commodities section.

Pls suggest me a better forum until everything is back to normal.

Mods/admin, not to critisize, pls take in the right spirit. If this post is against forum rules, you can delete the post



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Yes, Traderpro,


All are posting with marketing motive in commodities section.
Surprising to see such a comment from someone who has just joined TJ ! :mad:

Just because a couple of people try to mkt does not make it a poor Forum.
Yes, Commodity is under represented on TJ ! People who are looking for 'good' posts on Commodity should initiate good and fruitful discussion by Posting relevent posts on the Subject !

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