Best Trading Software for Linux & Windows


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Best TA Software for Linux & Windows

Hi all,
I am new to traderji(i.e as a registered member) but am observingthe forum for quite some time and simply want to say, you rock!. Ok coming to my query. I want the best(comprehensive, extensible) TA software for Linux & Windows.
I am new to TA so a easy to use software would be best which can also has advance features I can use as I go ahead in my journey.
I have searched this forum and found
1. aiotrade
+ Easy to use.
- is 2-3 days behind current day,
- lacks alerts, signals,
- perhaps not maintained any more

2. Fibotrader
+ pretty decent
- does not work on Linux(tried wine with half success) if anyone has fibo working on linux under wine please pass on your knowledge here.

3. Amibroker
+ looks comprehensive
+ works fine under wine.
- Paid
- While I was searching the forum, I found tons of info on how an already working amibroker setup can be enhanced with scripts. But step by step setup for amibroker with uptodate database for BSE & NSE, Tick/Delay setup instuctions, how to setup intraday and EOD auto population are all missing. Come on guys please share the initial steps only then will all your script be of any use to us newbies.

So all members of this forum any tips on which(preferably cross platform) TA software is best and please provide step by step instructions to setup for BSE & NSE.

With Regards.
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