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There is a rule of thumb concerning services which offer trading systems, signals etc. - AVOID them. Really working trading system can be considered as a stream of future cashflows (profit from trading). If somebody sells trading system he basically says that either stream of cashflows are very uncertain (too much risk in them) or the system's edge is too small and thus its sale is more attractive or (the most likely case) seller simply cheats.
Intradageeks : Run by jayesh thakkar is also a fraud one. He used to take 20-25 trades in a month and obviously something hit on target and shown his screen shots to attract public for selling his course at 15k. Moreover he himself showing as a busy man. I took his course, a fake one.. Will not work in sideways market. A smart cheater in stock market and seeking lost money through selling courses..
Hi Ratheesh,
Even I got cheated by other so called guru trader.
I have his videos, is there any way to contact you? We can help eachother.
I would like to add one more fraudster in this list.

STOCKPRO : A very big fraudster
Guys plz dont join Stockpro training course, if u r about to. First they will tell u that they will teach u everything regarding intraday and positional stock scanners, but they will teach u only general things which any other youtube channel will provide. If u will ask them to give u their scanners, they will tell that these scanners are worth 1 lakh of Rs. and which can't be given to general members. They themselves scan the stcoks from Falcon 7 software.
Their so called mentors will never tell u how to scan the stocks in intraday. Only 1 mentor, Mr. Yasin, was there who had helped a lot but he has left Stockpro now. Many other telegram channels are there for taking trainings. Do your research first and then join, but don't join Stockpro.
Overall Stockpro is a total wastage of ur hard earned money.

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