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Hi All,
Does anyone have 24" inch LED matte display monitor of Benq ? Plz provide model number if available.
Display should be matte , body could be glossy or matte .


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Hi All ,

I had bought Benq 24" LED matte display monitor on 15/11/2017 specially for Trading
But currently I am not trading for last year and do not require this much big size .
I am interested to sell it.Please PM me if anyone is looking for trading purpose.
Following are few details of it.
  • Full HD Display / Low Blue Light / VA LED Panel
  • Resolution (max.) - 1920x1080
  • No Headphone Jack
  • It is Matte finish - no reflection and no strain on eyes ...
Normally the chart fit and it's color variance is best fit in 19.5 inch with TN panal...
24' is big size & irritate chart view with 1080 color

it'my opinion..
Happy trading..
I own ASUS ML249H which I bought for like $333 or so in good old 2011 year.... .It still works very fine, except power supply died last year and I just bought new one, other than that all fine. Some time I was not able to find how to switch it to HDMI mode from VGA, but then remembered about that Splendid menu;) It also have good MVA matrix, 1920*1080 Full HD with ability to have sound over HDMI (not all monitors can do that) and good panel overall. You remember me that I need to clean it though more;)

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