Best Intraday Stocks / Options?

Hi, new to the forum, not going to post in Introductions because I'm not going to waste my very valuable time. I wish I could find a topic on this beforehand for the same reason, but haven't, so here it is (if there is please link me :clapping:).

I am looking for stocks in the 10-50 dollar range.
I am looking to trade stocks options (buy low, sell high) more than once a day.

My objective is to play 3-5 stocks every day the U.S. market is open, ALL DAY. I have a tool (>tools>papertrade) that allows me to monitor data and trade in many different ways. I am currently mock trading (fake money, real data), using this tool. I have about a month to come up with stocks that have nice candlesticks, a lot of wavy, up and down trends.

I understand this is not an easy task, or I wouldn't be asking the good-fellas here for help. So in the spirit of good faith, I'll do a little give, and take some..

My good stocks are as follows:

ADBE (Adobe) - This stock will always be in my portfolio.
MSFT (Microsoft) - Not as good as adobe, but a money maker.

I'm looking to add to this list, with some highly recommended, volatile; Stocks I can trade a lot during the course of one day.

I play calls (options), so high volume of option trading is a must.

That's it! Thank you for your time, your understanding, and your help.:thumb:

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