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Can we start a thread on BEST CHARTS. I read on the BEST CHARTS site that it is still one of best free charting software. i have used FCharts SE and Amibroker. While both have their strengths, they have certain deficiences like limited indicators and not saving database. if anybody has used BEST CHARTS, please make some posts.


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you have already started the thread. :D
I started using the free version 4.50 since just a few days, so in learning phase.
But to the extent I can, ready to help and ready to receive help.



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hi indiabulls,

Best-Charts can be downloaded from :

It has 3 versions, the FREE version, the Trial version & the Paid version.

I have just started using the Free version and the Trial versions.

hi murthymsr,
i have downloaded the free version and also tried following guidance given on the forum.i have already formatted data from nse etc, just guide me to insert data into the charts. actually i am interested only in inserting historical data downloadad from Nse website (which i feel is most free authentic data). regards


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Hi all forum members interested in Best-Charts,

(srisara and joy_mitali, Request your special attention, PLEASE.)

This is the first phase of procedure outlined below and will help in installing Best-Charts and use them with EOD quotes from NSE. My OS is win98SE, so this SW must work on any subsequent versions also.

1) Install the free version of Best-charts. You may install in the default location or any other chosen location.

2) You may notice, in addition to the program folder, a new folder by name C:\M-C\ is created. This is the location where all user-configured settings and DATA are stored. This folder location should NOT be changed!

3) Make a subfolder by name C:\M-C\EOD for EOD quotes.

4) You may have to download the EOD quotes and convert them to the desired format. This only is the trickiest part of the job.

5) You may use Srisara’s NSE Data Extractor for this and then make some changes.

6) Best-Charts expects the EOD data in the CSV (Comma Separated Values ) format and named with a TXT extention.

The data format OUGHT to be:
(with/without header row: Symbol,Date,Open,High,Low,Close,Volume)

Please notice that none of the field contents are under quotes. Some data converters give the symbol and the date data under quotes and is NOT suitable.

Fortunately, the Data Extractor by srisara (Satya) will convert without quotes and is suitable.

7) Such EOD data is to be saved into a file name in the format:

C:\M-C\EOD\20020828.txt ( i.e. the filename is in 8 characters YYYYMMDD and with the extension .TXT )

It is here, that the changes are to be made to the file name created by Data Extractor. And please note: NO deviations are accepted by the program.

Satya, if other programs using the data from Data Extractor have no objection to the above file naming standard, Can you please change it to comply with the Best-Charts requirements? This will help make available of another good charting and back testing software to the members of this forum. Of course, FCharts accepts this file naming standard, or, for that mtter, any file naming standard. After all, in FCharts, you are manually selecting the EOD file and clicking it to import into FCharts.

8) You need at lest 10 days of EOD data for some chart to show up. But for any meaningful analysis, at least 200 days of data is required. I am yet to download and convert the 200 days of data, for analysis.

If any one of you have taken the trouble to download and convert the data and change the filenames for a year or two, you may make it available for the members of this forum. I will be thankful to receive the data to my mail id : [email protected]

9) The Best-Charts Trial / Paid versions have additional features like Micro Charts, Back Testing and All Indicator Optimization. I have not tried these.

10) It may be noted that Technical analysis with EOD Data by Best-charts is very slow. This is so because, for analyzing a stock, BC has to open 200 EOD files and read the data and analyze and display the results.

11) Other TA Software like FCharts will convert the EOD data stock-wise and stores them within it. And at every subsequent use the stock-wise converted data is used for analysis and so the results are displayed fast. Unfortunately, the data so converted by FCharts is NOT suitable for Best-Charts.

12) Using Best-Chrts based on historical data is more efficient. But for this conversion, we have to have a good data converter. Joy_mitali’s Stock Data Converter is a good one. It needs some modifications to serve this purpose.

Others, who have used this software may join to share their experiences.


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