Best broker for huge trading account


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My friend just returned from the US and plans to day trade full-time NSE/MCX with a Rs 1 cr account (100 lac inr). I've been in this business a while but it is hard to figure out what broker will do proper justice to that kind of money in one account, in terms of safety of money first and proper execution, transaction charges, reporting, etc etc second. Any thoughts? Zerodha, maybe but they have a lot of frustrating system bugs. Looking at other possible candidate brokers. The so-called HNI brokers with x.x % turnover charges maybe not suitable for day trading with multiple trades a day, I assume.
May be bank brokerages are best one from trust point of view like hdfc securities, icicidirect. At least it’s unlikely that they do get bankrupt but you never know with current banking scams.
For retails traders, practically there is no choice other than to deal with dicount brokers to be profitable.If I have to trade 1Cr, I would divide it in 3 brokers and trade.some of choices are Z, RKSV and many more.


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if the money is with broker there is always risk .. but if somebody is invested in stocks the money is not with the broker hence eliminating broker risk ...even if broker goes bankrupt u still hold the shares which nobody can deny


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Yeah as I said its intraday, not even weekly swing style. In MT4 we can do a trade copier and run same trades in multiple brokers but here in India all the trades need to be manually input (unless there's some algo solution, don't know) to replicate trades at 3 brokers. Is that possible??
if you want to skip Z, then I think RKSV or finvasia would be a good option.
Though trading conditions with RKSV will remain same as Z, but with finvasia you would get zero brokerage trading all over. And if you want algo solution, then both upstox and finvasia offer fox trader.
Both have live chat support, better have a chat with both to clarify about the charges.


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Myself, I trade with Alice Blue. Looking at this also as an option, but seems not very popular somehow. Not the cheapest either but comes with massive 10x leverage.

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