Best broker for algo trading in India?

Which one is the best broker in India for algo trading?

I am confused between angel broking/ fyers and aliceblue ..please give feedback on both.
I dont want to pay Zerodha or upstox their api cost.

I believe - angel/aliceblue and fyers - all 3 provide free api

I am PRO user for tradingivew and want to use ready made strategies available there for algo trading using webhook.
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I would like to say that some brokers have been looting money from the new members in the trading simply because they have experience and takes it as an advantage. I am very ready to help any beginner who is willing to join the trading. There are alot to be tackled in the forex trading. It requires some commitments from the members.
I have never hard a good broker for algo trading. Most of them are always using trial and error method which is very risky. I suggest that, each area should have good legacy on trading so that they may be trusted. It is my desire to be one who will be able to bring all the new members on board. It is very important to assist others with the knowledge that will help them to expound their tradings in future.

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