best broker for a beginner

hello everyone,i am a ca student earning a stipend of 4k.out of this 4k i am able to save around 2k per month.earlier i was saving this amount in a account but now i have decided that i will eb investing this amount in stock market..even if lose it will not be a pretty amount but i will get experience in stock market.

i have so far chatted with edelweiss and bmr.edelweiss amc was quoted at 1500 rs,while bmr demanded an charge of 1000 rs.after which my brokerage will be 2paisa and dp charges will be nil

so depending on my usage i.e.(occasional buying of low amounts).which brokerage firm will be good and if anybody can suggest any good plans.


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i believe you are new trader or try to be a good trader, trading required passion with good amount to invest for long run. My advice for you to get the training and invest by a good broker. I tried several brokers in my list and found only few who have really good reputation. You can chat with the live support of forexmetal, fxsolutions or instaforex. Wellcome you for any support from my side.
please dont trade with the forex brokers not registered with regulators in india!!!!! Ur money can dissapear anytime!!!!

Personal experience!!!

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